The 23rd Spring Guangzhou Art Fair Closing Manuscript (released on June 26)
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The 23rd Spring Guangzhou Art Fair concluded on June 25

The turnover is 485 million yuan, 200,000 visitors build a new Great Wall


The 23rd Guangzhou International Art Fair in 2018 (abbreviation: the 23rd Guangzhou Art Fair) closed at 16:00 ,June 25 at Pazhou. How is the result of Guangzhou Art Fair? Next, the reporter will use the data to answer questions for artists, art institutions, collectors, and the media who are concerned about this event.


Detail the change of data

Detailed explanation of The 23rd Spring Guangzhou Art Fair 's results

"On the basis of the previous 22 years, this year's Guangzhou Art Fair achieved a butterfly transformation and a fission of its form. This year, there have been new breakthroughs and new changes compared to previous years." Peng Wenbin, artistic director of Guangzhou Art Fair pointed out .

First, collector organizations are more precise. Important international artists have paid attention and participation. On the VIP Open Day, we accurately invited nearly 5,000 VIP customers from major auction companies, private banking customers, chambers of commerce associations, art funds, and art colleges in Southeast Asia, including Zhu Shaoliang and Yang Yida. , Xu Hongfei, Feng Fang, Yang Jianhua, Zhang Yuming, Li Jiawei, Zhou Zhengliang, Lu Zhi, Zhou Feng, Zhang Wanting, Liu Zheng, Dong Wengang, Jin Yitai, and other well-known collectors and a representative artists with a group of loyal collectors and Accuracy of collectors also brought about a significant increase in sales. It is over 70% of the more than 300 art institutions participating in the exhibition achieved the transaction. The total turnover was 485 million yuan, and the turnover of the Huacheng Museum, Classic Museum, and Collection Museum accounted for 40%, 30%, and 30%, respectively.

Second, the scale of the exhibition has expanded to create a brand exhibition of contemporary Chinese art in South China. Compared with the 20,000 square meters exhibited in the same period of last year, the scale of the current art fair has added 10,000 square meters. According to Peng Wenbin, the 10,000-square-foot booth is mainly covered by four major sections: contemporary oil painting, contemporary ink painting, video installations, new media art, and sculpture. The four major theme exhibitions of contemporary art constitute the new art fair curatorial space.

Third, contemporary art has become the highlight of the spring and set off a new trend of collection. “Contemporary art has attracted the attention of the Pearl River Delta. This new experience and collection choice has brought a new style of collection to South China. This is the most positive opinion we received during the entire art fair,” Peng Wenbin told to reporters. He Jianjun, an artist who has participated in the exhibition for 10 consecutive years, said: “This year’s Huacheng Pavilion has undergone major changes in its overall layout and contemporary style. The artistic plan of the Huacheng theme installation in the middle of the channel is very innovative. The form is relatively novel and has been retained many viewers for all exhibitors. I also attended the Guangzhou Art Fair for ten years and I am very happy to see such changes." According to statistics, this year's contemporary art section accounted for 40% of the total, an increase of 20% over the same period last year. Among them, Beijing Film AcademyPeng Feng curated, Feng Fang served as artistic director “In the East”, Beijing Film Academy Contemporary Painting Photography Exhibition, Yang Jianhua Curated “Fate Society” Concern for Autistic Children International Student Public Interest Film Show is The most Contemporary  representative theme exhibition in the art section.

Fourth, the interest of the media outside the circle has doubled, and the daily opening line is now queued for long queues. Excluding competition reports from academic media, old newspapers, and television media, Guangzhou Yangcheng School, Tencent Live, South+, Fun Fan, Design Circle, Public Comment, Weekend, Poly Real Estate, Artists, Wall Street English, WeChat, etc. Since the media and well-known commercial brands have promoted the fair as an important event for special reports and feedback to customers, it has greatly enhanced the influence of the fair. Before the reporter left the venue, he could still see the ticketing audience who lined . At this time, only 2 hours left until the closing of the fair.

Fifth, there has been a noticeable increase in professional audiences and an increase in the gold content of art fairs. According to the big data statistics of the Art Fair, the flow of people in these four days reached nearly 200,000 person-times. If these people hand in hand, they can form the central axis of Guangzhou. Of these audiences, 60% came from the Guangdong region, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and international regions accounted for 20%, and the remaining 20% ​​came from other domestic provinces and cities. At the scene, the reporter saw that the “Ocean Face” was significantly more than in previous years, which also confirmed the successful positioning of the Guangzhou Art Fair as an international contemporary art exhibition. From an age point of view,  80s and 90s, occupy half of the country. This group has its own unique understanding and aesthetic for art. What is gratifying is that this year, the number of professional visitors reached 80,000, and most of them had experience in art consumption. The reporter also interviewed a female fan, Ping , who had just purchased two sculptures at the Flower City Pavilion. She said: “I think art can purify my soul. I really like the works that allow me to read about life satisfaction. Today's urban life makes us too impulsive and anxious, and art is a nourishment for me."

Guangzhou Art Fair’s buyers and visitors organize strategic positioning: on the one hand, it uses the big data platform to accurately invite professional collectors. On the other hand, it guides art hobbies and art consumption through mass popularization, and finally becomes an accurate buyer. The prospective buyer conversion rate of the Expo is basically around 30%. For exhibitors, they need a professional audience,” said Peng Wenbin.

Sixth, the effect of the surrounding industrial cluster driven by the Art Fair was obvious. In the surrounding Westin Hotels, Langham Hotels and even in the remote areas of the hotel in KeCun and the surrounding person in charge of food and beverage entertainment services, all said that during the art fair, the hotel rooms were basically booked, and the prices can be compared with  the Canton Fair and the food is bursting every day. The passenger flow at the Pazhou subway station will usher in small peaks at 10:00 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily, especially on weekends. It is even more impassable.



Mass enthusiasm for contemporary art

Guangzhou Art Fair has both academic value and commercial value

Aureo Gallery, the first Malaysian art institution to exhibit in Guangzhou, the 21 gold paintings using 24-karat gold by South Korean artist Jin Yitai, who brought “The First Man of the World Golden Painting”, had multiple deals and follow-up. Talking about the impression of the art market in Guangzhou, the person in charge, Mr. Cai, told reporters: “The Guangzhou art market’s fascination with gold painting is beyond imagination, although the degree of understanding of art here is not particularly mature, but the enthusiasm of contemporary art is not available in other places.” Mr. Cai also revealed that there will be Jin Yitai’s China Roadshow. The Guangzhou International Art Fair will be the first stop. Talking about why the first stop was set at the Guangzhou Art Fair, Mr. Cai said: “Before participating in the exhibition, I first learned about the turnover rate of exhibition events in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other cities, but in the end I still put the first Stationed at the Guangzhou Art Fair for two reasons: First, Guangzhou has a long history and rich cultural heritage, close to Hong Kong, located in the center of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao Bay Area, the geographical advantage is very obvious, where the collectors for the art of art Both value and appreciation space are very concerned, and Mr. Jin’s work coincides with these two points.Second, the comprehensive strength of the Guangzhou Art Fair is very strong, only a brief contact,I am convinced by its media propaganda camp, executive curatorial team,buyers and the strength of the organization, it can be said that the Guangzhou Art Fair is a platform with the dual value of academic and commercial communication. In the four days of exhibition, the flow of people was much more than imagination, our booth has been crowded with people, and the Guangzhou masses are modern. The enthusiasm of the arts is very high. The mass in Guangzhou can't wait to understand the things they like. This is a very good phenomenon." Regarding the effectiveness of this exhibition, Mr. Cai We are satisfied, but also revealed that the second half will continue to participate.

Hyewon Art from Korea, Hui Yuan Art, displayed a total of 55 works brought by the most representative 11 artists from the Korean sculpture industry. These artists not only have their own distinct artistic language, but also have a strong work style and a certain depth of creative ideas. Ms. Zheng, the person in charge of Huiyuan Art, said: “Contemporary art has a very large space for development in Guangzhou. The enthusiasm of the masses for contemporary art is very obvious. Of course, further understanding of contemporary art requires the guidance and education of professionals, and Guangzhou The art fair has precisely assumed this function."

In the East” Beijing Film Academy's Contemporary Painting Photographic challenged the traditional art exhibition form and collection structure and displayed forward-looking art works including contemporary paintings, large-scale installations and new media arts. Feng Fang, Dean of the Institute of Contemporary Art at the Beijing Film Academy, said: “The “In the East” contemporary art exhibition co-hosted by the Beijing Film Academy and the Guangzhou Art Fair fully embodies the fusion, opening, and advanced cultural and artistic ideas of Guangzhou. The establishment of a complete contemporary art ecosystem in South China will bring in fresh blood and language, and will gradually form the window effect of contemporary art in South China."



Easily purchase and collection become new trends in Art Fair

Art derivatives are quite popular

 This spring Guangzhou Art Fair set up an easy purchase of collection areas. Therefore, the price range of participating works brought by the participating organizations is mostly under 50,000 yuan and accounts for more than 50%. Most of the transaction prices are concentrated at about 50,000 yuan. The types of works in this range include paintings and sculptures, such as Murakami Ryote, photography of Araki Watanabe, North Korea's realistic oil painting, European classical oil painting, big nose small sculpture , He He Xuan's small work brush, buzzing contemporary sketches; it is worth mentioning that more and more of the sales of the works are priced between 20,000 yuan - 50,000 yuan, such as prints, video works, and works of young artists .The price is generally within 20,000 yuan. The first time the institutions that come to Guangzhou to test water will choose to participate in the tens of thousands of exhibitions. These high-quality but affordable works have prompted a large number of new collectors to enter the market, and even some exhibition areas almost directly sold out.According to the site’s understanding, Nanjing Wall Art Space, first-participated ,its works sold out in two days, leaving only two pieces of the Louvre Hall collection worth more than three million on the wall. For this great harvest, the person in charge of the organization stated that he will continue to participate in the Guangzhou Art Fair in the fall and will display the original works of Chagall, Pan Yuliang, Xu Beihong and other famous artists in the theme exhibition area.

This time easily purchase and collection is of another embodiment - cultural and creative, artistic derivatives. This year's sales of artistic derivatives are also very gratifying. Among them, the “Meeting Sunshine Imagery China” exhibition of the Huacheng Pavilion, the French Expressionist Academy, Jiang Baolin Art and other exhibition areas have all brought their own artistic derivatives. For derivatives such as the “Meeting Sunshine Imagery China” exhibition, most of them are mainly practical derivatives such as apparel (scarves, enviromental bags, bags) and office supplies (briefcases, notebooks). Institutions set the main product price between 300-500 yuan, and consumer products under 100 yuan can easily attract the attention of the audience and trigger an upsurge of consumption. Mr. Yu, who is responsible for the derivatives of the “Meeting Sunshine Imagery China” exhibition area, said that the market for derivatives is promising. The art fair is a good publicity channel for the promotion of derivatives, and there is a clear convergence between consumers. The rich diversity of art derivatives, different types, different textures, and subtle details can impress the audience and evoke their desire to purchase. For the audience, the aesthetics of experiencing life is very simple, perhaps it occurs in the ultimate pursuit of objects.

Different organizations also have different marketing methods. Jiang Baolin's art booth extends around the artist's work, Jiang Baolin's works. It extracts the elements of the work and generates products such as bags and scarves, and clothing. The price is between 500-1,500 yuan. The female group is the main consumer of the booth. Mr. Zhang, the responsible person, stated that this is the first time to come to the South Market. I can't think that there will be such a big accident. Derivatives brought about have been sold 70% in the first two days, about 500 pieces. .



Art public music composes new melody

Awaken people's love for ecology

"The true value of art is to pay attention to ecology and society. We strive to use art to influence, unleash, and arouse people's concern for human nature and concern for society." Yang Jianhua, curator of "Fate of Destiny" said. Autism is a very serious social problem. There are currently nearly 1.6 million children with autism in China and urgently need the help of social forces. However, very few people in the autism sector will spread through animations, movies, etc., and cause social concern. As a result, we created the theme of autism, launched it on the international network, and attracted the attention of people from all walks of life through the spread of the Internet. At the same time, we set up a special rehabilitation center, established a charitable fund for it, used stories to tell stories, donated funds through activities, and helped 15 families with autism through fundraising last year. The goal this year is to raise 300,000yuan to support 20 families and its social significance is very large. In this regard, Yang Jianhua also said that after two sessions in many places, the number of people affected will be more than 100,000. He believes that art must pay attention to society and help society. This is also the mission and responsibility of contemporary art. At the same time, it is stated that although the development of the commercial culture of art and the popularization of aesthetic education are very important, it is more important to use art to help people pay attention to society and help vulnerable groups. The “Fate of Fortune” is attended by more than 100 students from 22 colleges and universities in 7 countries. Through 2D and 3D videos, VR, and documentary short films, it penetrates into the world of autistic children, contemporary art, interactive art, and new media. The implantation of various art forms such as art makes the public interest content and spirit advocation are more powerful.

In addition to art+public welfare, the Guangzhou Art Fair is also a cross-border technology and VR Cloud Museum has joined it. VR Cloud Museum uses three-dimensional scanning, combines the latest VR technology, 360-degree perfect restoration of ancient paintings, and can also be placed in the cloud display, free from time and space constraints, and sharing favorites with global collectors. The addition of VR technology has attracted a lot of audience experience on the site, and there are even many exhibitors who use their spare time to experience it.


Autumn Art Expo is scheduled to become a hot spot

    The Nanjing Wall Art Space, which participated in the Guangzhou Art Fair for the first time, brought 20 paintings by the Barbizon school. Of these, 16 were collected on the day of their launch. The remaining 4 prices were around 2 million. Before the press release, many collectors came to inquire. Mr. Zhang, the person in charge, told reporters that he will participate in the theme exhibition in the second half of the year. At the same time, Aureo Gallery, Zhongshan Elephant Oriental Waxwork Art Co., Ltd., Art Museum of Lou Music, He He Xuan, Bao Buhe Studio, Ding Yingfeng Studio, Foshan Chengcheng Culture, Guangzhou Dianmei Sculpture Art, French Performance Academic institutions, Huiyuan Arts and other art institutions are scheduled to participate the 23rd Autumn Guangzhou International Art Fair from November 30th to December 3rd, 2018.

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