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Revew of "The 22st Guangzhou International Art Fair"

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2017 the twenty-second Guangzhou International Art Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "twenty-second Guangzhou Art Fair) in the afternoon of 24 ended in pazhou. This Guangzhou Art Fair turnover of 660 million yuan, an increase of about 60 million yuan more than last year, a new record high. Exhibitors, collectors, art lovers, the media, and we witness the changes of art market in South Chinese, participated in this field at the end of the feast of art.

The innovative content planning and excellence of the art presentation and obvious market results ushered in the commendation of participants. 390 art institutions of the Guangzhou Art Fair has achieved good results in terms of sales. More than 85% of the art institutions have achieved on-site transactions, while the more than 100 art institutions in the collection have fully realized the transaction. At the scene, the price of the work between 50 thousand -10 million is the highest, and gradually become the mainstream art consumer of ordinary art consumption. And compared to the previous two years, the consumer of this kind of art is expanding, indicating the changes in the composition of the art market and the change of popular consumption habits. This Guangzhou Art Fair 4 day visitors reached a total of 250 thousand people, only two days over the weekend, visitors will exceed 160 thousand passengers, the city of Guangzhou reflects the passion for art, but also show the Guangzhou Art Fair as the largest and most widely affected transactions, the highest amount of Art Fair brand influence.

This year, the twenty-second session of the Guangzhou Art Fair in the city of Guangzhou as the leading city, opened flower Pavilion, set the power of China - Contemporary Art Exhibition "theme," Yang Peijiang contemporary art exhibition "," Oriental Image -- Cheng Xiaoguang image painting theme exhibition ", and the only culture brought two main contemporary artists. Fang Lijun, Maximov, Picasso, Daly, Luo Zhongli, "their combination", Wang Qiang, Cheng Xiaoguang, Cheng Xiaoguang, Chinese and foreign contemporary art masters at home and abroad.

Under the strong propaganda lineup, the sales effect is excellent. Among them, Maximov three works have a contract to 6 million 800 thousand; Yang Xiaogang and Lai Shengyu "their combination" cooperation "waistline" not only reveals the "Flower City" image, also boarded the Guangzhou daily front page, attracted much attention of collectors, was a 80 young collectors in Shenzhen 2 million, "free the spirit of" to 200 thousand transactions, the price of 160 thousand "facing the sea", "Snow" and "star of the youth" the price of 400 thousand; Cheng Xiaoguang's image oil turnover of 4, turnover of more than 400 thousand; Shanghai only sold 2 pieces of culture; Taiwan Han Xiang Gallery sold 2 pieces of works; Jiang watercolor art sales 5, the value of nearly 300 thousand; Qingdao artist Pan Wenyi sold nearly 500 thousand; the Li Hanming art portrait photography custom single nearly 200 thousand; Hu Wei works sold three pieces, worth nearly 200 thousand; Jean Michel's "sunflower "300 thousand transactions"; "North Korea oil painting" 4 transactions, "Da Fan Hui" Yang Peijiang's works, 4 transactions; Shenzhen Contemporary Art Alliance Chen Xiaohua booth works are packaged by a collectors; Wang Shouzhang's contemporary art works are favored by many collectors.

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