1. submission of information:

The exhibitors who have signed up for the exhibition should submit their application to the office of the organizing committee before the deadline and submit the actual, accurate and complete application materials. If the exhibitors to provide false information or false display, the organizing committee has the right to require exhibitors to take corrective measures, such as no correction can cancel the qualification. Such as the cancellation of exhibition qualification, exhibitors pay booth fee will not be refunded, causing other damage, but also the exhibitors shall be liable for compensation. If the exhibitor's conduct causes third parties to lose, the exhibitor shall bear all the responsibilities of the exhibitor alone.

2. information reproduced:

Exhibitors must provide detailed and complete information and information to the organizing committee, and the organizing committee has the right to use the above information and information for any form of non-profit publicity.

3. arrangement of booth:

According to the category of exhibitors, the time of registration and payment of booth fees, the organizing committee determines the booths according to the selection of exhibitors and the overall layout of the exhibition. The organizing committee has the right to adjust the overall layout of the booth (before adjusting to the exhibitor).

4. the use of the booth:

The exhibitor is entitled to the limited use of the booth after paying the full cost of the exhibition. Exhibitors do not have the right to transfer all or part of the booth, paid or gratuitously transferred to others; exhibitors must show the exhibits during the exhibition in accordance with the application materials. The organizing committee has the right to prohibit any exhibits that do not meet the requirements of the exhibition. Any exhibitors' actions such as those mentioned above will be regarded as breach of contract. The organizing committee has the right to cancel the qualification of exhibitors. All the exhibitors' fees will not be refunded and the other exhibitors will be liable for damages.

5. sales of exhibits:

The exhibition goods are sold directly by the exhibitor at the exhibition site and pay the corresponding tax according to the relevant regulations of the state. The goods on display are placed in the rental booth, and they shall not be placed on the ground or occupying the passageway.

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