Global Art Communication


International Art Communication, Explore New Possibilities of the Circle

Global Art Communication – Davos of the Cultural and Art Circle

One Belt One Road Themed Year, Debut Year of 2017

A phenomenon of cultural and art communication that crosses continents!

Cross 53 countries and over 94 cities


Global Art   Fall Forum

Davos in Cultural and Art Circle!

Global Art Communication

Nearly 100 offline themed promotion activities of Guangzhou International Art Fair


 Global Art Communication of Milan


Global Art Communication of Vietnam


Global Art Communication of Hongkong


Global Art Communication of Beijing


Global Art Communication of Changsha 

Global Art Communication of Jiangsu Weian 


Personages and SurgeArt

In company with leaders from cultural sectors of governments at all levels

Collectors, entrepreneurs, art amateurs, art institutes, artists, art critics,

And curators all take part in!

A communication feast to interpret the cutting-edge and most authorized trend in the cultural

and art market and exchange experience and wisdom!

Whole-year follow-up report by 200 media agencies around China

Tens of millions level media publicity resource

Full coverage of media, both online and offline