1 、[Borderless Arts] Chinese-Western Arts Co-existence Forum


Arts are borderless, integrating Chinese and Western artistic images! Distinguished art personages, professional media and art lovers from 10 countries including China, the USA, France and Italy will gather together at “The 22nd Guangzhou International Art Fair” Chinese-Western Arts Co-existence Forum to witness this great even of culture and arts. With oriental conception of macro culture, Chinese art critics will encounter Western arts, start again the mingling of the “soul and flesh” of Chinese and Western arts, and realize mutual intelligibility of multinational cultures with arts as the basis.



2、[Global Artwork International (Guangzhou) Summit Forum]


In December 2015, at “The 20th Guangzhou International Art Fair”, the Global Artwork International (Guangzhou) Summit Forum organized by Long Museum and presided over by giant collector Mr. Liu Yiqian aroused uproar in the art circles. “The 22nd Guangzhou International Art Fair” will continue to hold the Global Artwork International (Guangzhou) Summit Forum with 800 top collectors from all over the world as the guests, including Liu Yiqian, collector Zhu Shaoliang, heads of auction companies worldwide (e.g. Christie's, Sotheby's, Bonhams, and China Guardian) and 300 super VIPs of private banks (e.g. Swiss Bank, Citibank, Bank of China, and China Merchants Bank). This will be a summit dialogue about arts full of collision of passion and a top-grade great event which can refresh the history of arts of Asia.



3、[Aesthetic Stories] Walking Arts


Artistic ways will be used to interpret fashion aesthetics! Major players in the fashion circles, art circles, collection circles and business circles will gather at this great event of Asian arts. We will combine arts and fashion with aesthetics as the carrier and convey the beauty of arts and charm of fashion in most special ways!


4、[Revival of Aesthetics] Summit Dialogue about Arts


The top notch in the industry will together witness the rising of aesthetics! “The 22nd Guangzhou International Art Fair” will pay attention to the inner quality of arts and the feeling of the audiences from the global perspective of “general fine arts”. We will invite the important representatives of Chinese painting, oil painting, wood block, sculpture, industrial art and many other classes of arts from five countries including China, the USA, France, Italy and South Korea through the consulates of these countries to show our concern for art traditions like other countries worldwide in the way of strategic dialogue, our pursuit of artistic innovation and our adherence to artistic perfection!



5、[Borderless Field of View] Asian Arts Grand Ceremony


The “Borderless Field of View” Asian Arts Grand Ceremony launched by the Organizing Committee of GIAF will, with arts, fashion arts and life as the support, present a cross-boundary party full of spirit of arts and fashion, lead the innovation in and integration of arts and fashion life in a crossboundary way, drive exploration and progress of urban fashion culture and innovative industries, continuously overturn and integrate the core resources and networking of different industries, promote interaction and communication between high-end groups in various circles and develop the largest art-fashion cross-boundary comprehensive platform with most social influence and marketability in south China.




6、[Look for Benchmark for Arts] “Golden Sheep Art List” Best-Promotion Activity


“Golden Sheep Art List” Best-Promotion Activity is a specialized project jointly launched by GIAF and Yangcheng Evening News Artistic Research Institute under the circumstance that the overall art market is reviving and the public’s consciousness of art has strengthened gradually. Nine main lists will be set, including New Eight Sights of Lingnan Arts, List of Public Benefits for Arts, List of Extraordinary Arts, List of Most Beautiful Rural Teachers of Arts, List of Most Beautiful Art Towns, List of Best Urban Landmarks, and List of Enterprises with Greatest Artistic Creativity, List of Best Aesthetic Brands, List of Products with Greatest Artistic Creativity. We will, from art perspective, ceremoniously promote those excellent enterprises and brands with artistic characteristics and concepts so as to lead more social attention to them, improve brand connotation and facilitateband heritage.



7[ Aesthetic walk ] Art Director’s Guide at GIAF


Art Director’s guide is a kind of customized service that GIAF has been providing for VIP collectors. According to VIP collectors’ collection habits, we will prepare guiding routes for them, and the Art Director of GIAF will personally explain arts in a simple way for VIP collectors and lead them to the stands of relevant exhibitors to directly actuate art consumption. While listening to explanation of arts, VIP collectors can appreciate the beauty of arts, feel the smell of culture and arts, nourish their hearts, and change their consumption psychology and habits.